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Traveling can be very expensive. From accommodations and transportation to attractions and dining out, traveling can put a huge dent in your budget (yeah, some people still have them). On most vacations, the part you want to enjoy costs the least. For instance, visiting the beach, hiking in a national park, or site seeing in a foreign country can cost you very little money. But once you add in all the transportation and lodging costs you need to go to bank and ask for a loan. Can anything change this? Is there a better way? Next time, maybe, you decide to travel the world you check out Couch Surfing. After checking this site out you may never need another travel tip.

Among finding free accommodations (because they do help with this), couch surfing happens to be about so much more. Pulling information straight from their website, they want to help network people, increase tolerance, and raise cultural awareness. They have set out on a unique mission of creating a better world and I believe they are right on track. What a great idea to include traveling and guest hosting to help build international friendships.

Like most individuals (myself included), I am sure questions are starting to build in the back of your mind. Have no fear, has done a great job laying out some guidelines and rules.  They have created a FAQ page to help answer those questions. They also have a principles page that you might want to check out.

Once an individual has joined the site, users will be allowed to complete a unique profile about themselves. There are a few different privacy settings to allow different information to be available to viewers and users of the couch surfing community. The community of travelers seems to be growing quite well in the travel niche. Last month (August 2010), compete reported 132,00 unique visitors.

Another great aspect of Couch Surfing is it’s non-profit status. Each positive connection between users on couch Surfing costs the organization just $0.25 USD. Consider making a donation to help Couch Surfing cover costs. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. To donate visit this page.

All in all, couch surfing is ideal for individuals who love to travel and are interested in building irreplaceable, long lasting relationships. Imagine the amount of fun you can have meeting new people, seeing different countries, and experiencing new cultures while saving a few bucks…or maybe lots of bucks!

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  • December 13, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Interesting post Marc. I had never heard of up until now. The site definitely has a pretty interesting idea in connecting travelers looking for somewhere to crash with hosts willing to put them up. My only concern would be the vetting process in which both parties undergo. I’ve always believed in the goodwill of humanity, but they’re are some seriously sick people out there. Again, I’m not that familiar with how they vet both hosts and crashers, but personally, I just don’t think I would be comfortable doing something like this. I’d rather just spend money for a hotel/motel

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