Dear Google Instant: I Love You!

Google has just rolled out its new search feature called Google Instant, and I love it. Hence, the title of my post. At any rate, I feel as though Instant will help revolutionize the way users interact with search engines. It doesn’t change much of anything for SEO, daddy bloggers, or social media, but the implications are high for encouraging people to continue using search engines.

Google Instant is not obtrusive, runs quite fast (software), and allows me (the user) to preform my searches and get to where I want to go. This is like a digital speed rail or the Chuck Norris version of a search engine. Not really, but whatever.

Google has plans to continue rolling out Google Instant on other domains and languages. Instant should be available on mobile very soon.

Here are a few screen shots of me searching for WordPress Themes…

As I continued to type out my search query, Google’s search results change instantly. Is anyone confused why they called it Google Instant? Cool, cool new feature. Job well done, Google. I leave with a promo video from Google.

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  • Dan
    September 26, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Ha-ha. The grandpa in the video is so funny. “I did not have to press enter” he says. Does he realize that the server made several unnecessary requests? No. This google instant “improvement” is the worst thing google did in a while. I do not see the point of it. So I will not press enter, big deal. But I will see many search result pages before I see mine. What is point of that?

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