Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging TrafficSo, you’ve got a blog. It’s all pretty, you love your niche, and you are ready to set the intranet ablaze with some of your infinite wisdom. After a few days of ZERO comments on your well-composed posts you realize everyone in the world hates doesn’t even know you exist. Now what? Er, I don’t know. Good Luck!

Okay, sorry. That was my best attempt at a joke. Well, I have compiled a list of something you can try–actually you should totally do these thing on a regular basis. Some blogging tips cost money, some don’t cost a thing, and some will actually bring you some visitors tomorrow (or tonight if you are reading this really early in the morning). If you have a lot of time and an unwavering work ethic, then you might want to read on. By the way, time is relative and quite subjective. So, disregard and read on anyway.

Free Blogging Tips To Get Visitors To Your Blog

  1. Never Underestimate Twitter – If you don’t have a Twitter account you should probably start with getting one. I don’t think you should tweet all blog postings. I do, however, think you should tweet your more powerful or interesting posts. When you do this you should totally use your 140 characters carefully. Being somewhat controversial in your title will absolutely add to your click-through rate and the possibility of getting retweeted. If handled properly you have the ability to cross the computer screen of several thousand followers. Not to bad for just one post.
  2. Use The Personal Side Of Facebook (Profile Pages) – While I would never recommend Facebooking the heck out things (you know friends can hide you), I would strategically decided what things I was going to post to my personal Facebook profile account. Your friends will totally jump on board and give you a few free comments and “shout outs.” I wouldn’t expect this to happen all the time, but friends are pretty helpful once. I wouldn’t ask them to move too.
  3. Content – Never stop writing, composing, and creating. This is what blogging is really about. While friends, frequent visitors, and your parents are very forgiving, new visitors are not. They want to see that your blog is update often.
  4. Guest Blogging Is Cool – This tips is very difficult for me. I don’t like thinking that my creative content is going to go on someone else website or blog. Regardless, one thing is true. If you submit to the right blog you can totally expect new visitors and followers.
  5. Interview Someone Cool – Most people will accept the offer as they will get some publicity and link to their own personal site. Also, there is a good chance they will link to the post on their own blog. I wouldn’t send a request to interview the President Of The USA. Be real with yourself, at least.
  6. Participate In Blogger Challenges – Darren over at Problogger has held a few of these challenges and they are really fun. Plus, a lot times the winners/interesting bloggers get a link on the blog of the person who hosted the challenge.
  7. Comment Posting - Comment on related blogs in your niche. Above all, please offer good advice.
  8. Forums – Participate in forums related to your blogs niche. A lot of forum sites allow users to add a personal link to their signature or profile page.
  9. Yahoo Answers – Answers some questions in Yahoo Answers. I was surprised at the number of visitors that this method started to bring me.
  10. Squidoo – Create a few lenses about yourself, your idea, or your blog. Squidoo has a great community of individuals. had them at over 7 million visitors last month. That is number that should at least spark your interest.
  11. YouTube – Video viewing has exploded on the internet. Please take advantage of the massive amounts of traffic you could get.

Paid Blogging Tips To Get Visitors To Your Blog

  1. Google Adwords – Running your account responsibly is very important. You should never blindly add money to your account, bid on random words, and let it ride. Spend some time researching your niche. It might also be a wise idea to offer something to your paid visitors. It might be some sort of product (affiliate or not) or possibly a free ebook. Either way, Adwords will allow you to generate traffic right now. There are several great PPC advertising sites. I used Adwords as a general statement towards PPC advertising (right now I really like Facebook with PPC–you have a lot of options and get very direct visitors).
  2. Press Releases – This is a great way to gain a few links and visitors. There are several free sites, but I would probably spend some money on a good site. A few good sites include PR News Wire, PR Web, Marketwire, and Web Wire.
  3. Develop A WordPress Theme Or Widget – This blogging tip might cost a little money, but can have huge rewards down the road. If it gets popular you could start selling the theme or widget. But more importantly, you will gain a lot new readers and visitors who might be interested in your products.
  4. Branding – Spend a little time branding your name and site. This can go a long way. I really like the way iwearyourshirt is going.
  5. Buy A Review – I like the concept of this website. I think people are being pretty honest about the reviews and full disclosure it a must.

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