Things That Will Crush A Bloggers Attitude

Sad BloggerI have two stories leading into my post about things that can crush a blogger. I am really talking about the bloggers attitude or feelings, and less about the blogger actually getting crushed. I guess you knew that though. Anyway, on t0 the stories.

At church on Sunday our pastor talked about weathering the storm. While I will not directly reference anything from the lesson I thought this “weathering the storm” thing could totally be incorporated into post for someone who struggling with blogging. Secondly, while I was with a group of friends (yes I have friends) I happen to witness one of them blast another’s idea about a particular investment. Though I didn’t personally feel the investment was sound, I thought my so called “friend” went overboard when they offered their two cents (probably less than that) worth of advice.

Though both instance were quite different they both have a few common denominators. And if you are still reading, I am going to talk about them…Now!

Haters Hate — That’s what they do – Why do people feel like they should offer negative advice? Why would anyone want to discourage a friend? I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what industry you are working in, people are going to bash your ideas, your thoughts, and your products. I wish I could give you some insight on why people act this way, but I don’t have the slightest clue. I guess people are just mean, and they would love nothing better than to see someone fail so they can feel better about their own crappy life. Sadly, this truth perpetuates the blogging community as well. It’s quite sad as the blogosphere is not as localized as a dinner party or friend get together. It’s more open and primed for criticism.

So, what are we gonna do? First, we are going to get a thick skin. Second, we are going to realize that there is some risks involved with trying to achieve greatness. Lastly, just because some moron thinks you have a bad blog or doesn’t like the way you handle your posts or products doesn’t mean you should stop and give up. It just means you should recognize those morons in your life and separate yourself from their negative attitudes. This applies inside and outside the blogosphere. The communication of dislike can be digital or verbal, but the consequences are just as damaging¬† if you decide to hang around it.

Be Positive and Respectful – Never bash another blogger. I have never found a need for blog bashing and it very rarely leads to anything positive (and by rarely I mean never). If some starts to bash your blog or you as a blogger, refer back to tip 1.

However, there are times when bloggers and product creators ask for reviews and advice. It is possible to offer a critique in a positive and respectful manner while not throwing an individual under the digital bus.

Jealousy Never Equals Productivity — Wanting exactly what someone else has will only create a level of coveting that can cripple your diligence and hinder your blog growth. Be your own blogger and bring something unique to your niche. Never be unhappy for someones success. Be excited that someone has achieved greatness. Just remember that with hard work you, or we, can be the next great blogger.

Arrogance Is a Terrible Thing – Never forget the path you walked to become a great blogger. Just because lots of success and a shining sun seem to follow you around doesn’t mean its not raining somewhere else in the digital community. If someone is struggling in what they are doing it probably feels like it is raining everywhere. I am reminded of an old R & B song called Rainy Night in Georgia. Within the lyrics of this song are the words…

A rainy night in Georgia, such a rainy night in Georgia. Lord, I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world, I feel like it’s rainin’ all over the world

I don’t care how powerful you become or how much money you make, you should never be too big to help someone else out. If you’d like to hear a great song you can listen to a Rainy Night in Georgia.

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  • September 30, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I have come to believe that people just like being negative. Since they are feeling down and out, they want to bring everyone down with them. I try to look at negative comments as just that. The person feeling bad (thus I pray for them but that is another story.)

    As far as reviewing, it has been my experience to avoid the problems with the work and focus on what they are doing right. Saying stuff like “This is really great, you should do this more often” or “I really like this idea maybe you could expand on that” works better than telling them what doesn’t work.
    Now some people ask for specific things they are doing wrong. For those, I still like to couple it with a positive. For example, “I love how the blog has short paragraphs. It makes it easy to scan. Adding some subheadings would help with both SEO and scannability.”

  • October 13, 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    True.. just because somebody said something bad about your blog, this doesn’t mean that you are one of those nuisance or copy cat blogger. I think what we must do is to face every criticism as a motivation to be better.

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